redseven is a highly customizable browser automator. It is useful for scraping web content that is protected by some manner of login system or even deliberately obfuscated. Many systems do not provide an API, or the API provided is limited in some manner. An example is an online banking system.

Online banking usually requires a complex login - perhaps username+password, then certain letters from a secret word, then a number generated by a secureID type dongle. This is probably great for security, but its annoying if I just want to check my balance.

Redseven can easily handle the above scenario. It has almost unlimited use-cases for more nefarious purposes such as scraping or spoofing, and can succeed where more simple approaches such as wget scripts or hand-rolled java scrapers fail due to deliberate obfuscation of content access. Because Redseven uses an internal implementation (provided by the Qt toolkit) of WebKit, it appears to servers as a webkit browser. Javascripts run in the browser as normal, as do flash players.

It works on linux, and should run on anything that a recent Qt toolkit can be installed on (this includes windows).

If anyone would like custom scripting for a specific site, I may be able to help - get in touch via the forums.